Full size charcoal drawing

So this week we did a drawing of ourselves full size. I chose to do mine in charcoal because of how fluid the medium is. I think this assignment was difficult because of the limitation of looking in a mirror. The mirrors that I own are smaller than me, but I can see my full body in them. This s a limitation because you are blowing up the size, making proportions much more difficult. This was also difficult because having adequate lighting that doesn’t glare in the mirror. I was really glad that I chose charcoal as my medium because any other medium would not have shown up so easily. This was also a good choice because with such a large scale drawing it was the quickest medium to build up. I think that I personally struggled with the face.. No big surprise, but none the less I did not leave myself faceless ( which I used to do!) all in all I think that my project was fairly successful, especially for how difficult I as expecting it to be. The most successful part in my opinion was my shirt/ torso. Maybe in the future I will attempt another full scale drawing 🙂

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Drawing two foreshortened legs

This critique seemed a bit more interactive with the class. I was really proud of my work this week. I really paid attention to shadows and I think that paid off. I really enjoyed how that this homework could have been the exact same thing, but instead w all took different perspectives. There were ones that had more of a view of the room, some that showed looking down at the legs and the floor, and some in a mirror. The feet were consistently in interesting angles, and I think that that was very successful of the class. I think that what make pieces stand out is having everything in proportion. when everything is in perspective and in proportion the realism is heightened to a greater level. I think the drawing that popped the most this week was Tinah’s because of her range of values. She really made shadows and highlights pop, making it stand out from the rest.

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Drawing 2 Self Portrait Narrative

I think that there were many pieces presented during this critique that were really successful. I had a few favorites from the group. The first was of Ashley. I think that hers was really successful because she pushed her darks. Her facial features seems properly placed, and she pushed her darks. She created many textures that were very readable, and were placed throughout the entire piece. The only negative part of this piece was that her eyes were slightly large. Another piece that I loved was Tinah’s. I think that her style was incredible, and her head and body were entirely in proportion. Her hoodie really popped because of all of the sighting she did for the wrinkles. Her hair really popped too because she  added in highlights to make it more realistic. Critique was a bit brutal, and I disagree with the style that it was conducted. Because I am in art education courses, and I am studying ways of critique, I strongly believe in starting with a positive, talking about the negatives, and always ending on a positive note. I really struggled with this assignment, but only getting negative feedback was really harsh. I am glad that others had a good critique, and I hope that I can improve on portraits for the future.

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Critique of assignment 7

This critique I think had some weak and strong points. First let’s talk about some art that I think worked really well. There was a piece that ha a stuffed shark, and a coffee cup on a table. They showed the table itself and background of a window with a sheet draped from it. This I think was a super strong drawing because of the massive amount of the surrounding we could see. If it was just a close up of the table it might have lost it’s luster, but because it was zoomed out there was a great sense of space. On the bottom left hand side of this drawing there were very well sighted shadows that also added depth to this drawing. The next piece I want to talk about is the piece with the castle and bananas. I think that this piece was super interesting, and made the viewer think about that they were looking at. I think that this drawing could have been improved by using the entire space of the paper. what I think was the strongest aspect of this piece was how the entire castle was in perspective, and everything looked to be sitting. This critique as usual, I would have liked to hear more peoples voices, but I think that we all used charcoal and conte quite effectively for this collection of homework.

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Drawing 2 assignment 6

This assignment was to draw an object in three different different lightings, and to draw a 8 -step value scale. I think that this critique was a little flat, but that was because of the subject matter. I think for the most part you could tell that were was time and effort put into the drawings, but they still felt like an exercise. There was one however that really stood out to me and that was a leaf. To me I think that because of the tougher subject matter it really stood out. It had nice highlights and dark touches, to make it pop. The shadows really made it work too because they were clearly sighted and measured. I think that what this drawing could have used to improve would have been to not smudge the value with their finger. This give the value a very dirty look that doesn’t have control. On the other hand lets talk about my drawing. I did a creamer container. I really struggled with this because although it seems like a very basic shape, there were many things that needed attention to not make it a very flat object. The part that was the hardest for me was the cap of it. I literally had to redo each of the caps at least 10 times before I settled. Although my drawings were not perfect, I think I did well with using the full value scale. Usually I like to favor everything to be too light, or everything too dark, but I think I did well with this assignment!

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Midterm Critique


So first off I want to say Hallelujah to being done with my Drawing midterm. Next I want to comment that it seemed like for the most part we took our time on this assignment. I am not going to lie, there were some that looked a bit rushed, or unfinished but no one got ripped apart today. I think that there were a few strong ones that I really want to talk about. The first one is one that was drawn from the stairs looking down onto a living room. This one to me was outstanding because of the details put into the work. Not only that but the well don’t sighting and measuring of the light source, making it seem like the sun was glaring through the window was really well done. The next is a room with black stairs. I think that this artwork really popped was because of the array of value used. There were light lights, and dark darks, and all the values in-between. There was a container of sand that was placed in the front left side, and the sighting of this I think was done incredibly. They varied they’re line enough to give that look of sugar mounds, which is not easily obtained. Another work I want to talk about is one that had a very detailed dragon. I just want to say that I absolutely loved the detailing and attention that this person paid to the dragon. I just wished that they would have pushed their darks, because the entire piece was very light.

All together, I think there were a few things that the entire class needs to pull out of this critique. First is to PUSH THE DARKS. I think for the most park we all could have made out drawings pop more with darker darks. Next is to BUMP UP DETAIL. The ones that seemed to lack were the ones that didn’t push the details in their objects. And I of all people know how hard it is to put in details. I must say that this midterm might be the most detailed drawing I have ever made that wasn’t from a picture. Last but not least, SHADING NEEDS TO BE STRATEGICALLY PLACED. The drawing does not need to be 100% shaded in. Place your values in areas that are going to enhance your work, not make it visually chaos.

All in all, good job guys! We made it through Midterms, with a pretty ice collection of detailed works!!

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Midterm Progress Drawing 2

Lets talk about how I’m doing in drawing two so far.. *Smashes head against wall repeatedly* …..

Okay lets try this again.. Let me start with I love Art. I love the progress, and triumphs, and personal growing that encompasses art itself. With this in mind I love Drawing. I love learning concepts to make certain 2D work incredible. To learn the steps to drawing realism. I really think that I have personally come a very far way this semester. I think that I have learned to draw incredibly faster, and more effectively put space in between my objects. I think that as an artist I have made a leap with in this first half of the semester alone.

I think that my personal progress with grades and redoes is at a loss though. Throughout this semester I have received lets say some below average grades, and I think that I have let myself down a bit by not doing redoes. I am 100% striving for the A for the semester, and I really think that I can achieve this by just pushing a bit more. I think that that even by spending a bit more time on little details could make my drawings pop. I really whole-heartedly struggle with details no matter what medium I am working with. I think that if I could improve this aspect, I could improve ALL of my drawings.

I think that I am making some good progress, which I am thankful for considering I have put endless hours into my drawings. I think that with focusing on more details, and if I happen to get a bad grade, try to redo it.  I am hopeful for the next half of the semester.. I hope I can pull through with the A!!

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