So lets take about this FYE class that every freshman has to take.. No offense to professor Schatz,(because he seems really cool) but it seems like just another stress factor. Anyways this girl Cydney was in my class, and she was insanely I almost expected her to be snooty..but that was not the case at all. She’s actually super nice and pretty introverted. It was pretty perfect to interview her, because I am one of the most talkative people you will meet. She was telling me how she uses art to describe everything around her, which I think is really insightful. Her favorite artist is Salvador Dali, and even sports his art on her inner arm. So it’s not surprising that her favorite style of art is surrealism. We both ended up sharing the love of animals too. She has a bunny named Capitan (Captain in Spanish), which isn’t a Cuban breed for anyone wondering :P. As Cydney talks to you she doodles on her paper, I bet she is insanely good at art.. I’m really looking forward to see some of her work. She is a commuter, which I personally know takes dedication. I don’t think that she is a very confrontational person, I mean I’ve only met her once..but still she doesn’t seem like she is at all. I know that she has a job, even though I honestly don’t know what she does.. Balancing work, commuting and a job is a pretty stressful thing. Well anyways.. Anyone that doesn’t get to know her is missing out because she seems like a really down to earth, chill person.


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