Drawing Critique One

So today ( Sept. 10, 2013), my Drawing 1 class had our first critique on a homework assignment to draw chairs with contour lines. One chair had to be hard and the other plush. I think that this critique was a little rocky, but not too bad for our first one. Looking at all of our pictures next to each other it didn’t seem like anyone was out of their league. I really wish I could have heard more feed back from the class, but lets be honest we are all still getting to know each other, so shyness is still understandable. However, people showed up with entirely finished compositions to more simple sketches of chairs.

Certain drawings did pop out from others significantly for very apparent reasons.  First is that the proportions, and point of view were right on, or you could at least make visual sense of it. Next is that they varied their lines. Some of the drawings stood out merely because they had light and dark lines where it made sense, how east is that? Also, I think that the more precise detail you are skillfully able to add the better. There was a very plush and mushy chair, and the artist added detail lines that added so much. You could see where the chair was a little more worn, where the material sagged a little. It was done really well. Then to top off the compositions that stood out, they put in a background that made sense out of where the chair was located. The background shouldn’t be too dark, and shouldn’t seem like an after thought.

This critique was super useful to see what works, what doesn’t, and to understand a little more about contour lines. Honestly I think that I saw first hand why our prof. has us vary lines, and sight and measure.. it really does make a world of difference ( even if it is a pain in the butt. ) Well thats it! Lets see how next weeks critique goes.

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  1. kortneyniewierski says:

    Great critique of the critique!

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