Drawing Critique Two

This weeks critique was only alright. The assignment was to draw a still life ( with about 5 objects) with contour and organizational lines, while including its position in the room. It’s harsh now because no one wants to insult the other person by commenting negatively. So what I see happening is that we compliment a specific part of a composition, and then our prof. takes the initiative to point out what is wrong. There are only a handful of students that are even commenting at all. I am excited for when everyone feels comfortable enough to say what they think.

During this critique many things were mentioned such as how much or how little detail to put into something. In my picture I put the word “copley” on a towel which I quickly learned was a bad decision. If you are going to put any writing on any object..each letter should be sighted very carefully. We also mentioned that with a specific laptop, the artist should have added more detail to each key of the keyboard. I personally think that if the artist didn’t do each key perfectly it would take away from the composition, so I think that it could have gone either way and be fine.

We saw this week a lot if good, solid starting points.. I’m super pumped to see how everyone’s drawing skills start to evolve 🙂

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