Fire in the Heartland


Being part of Kent’s student body has taken on a new meaning to me. I never knew this story to its full extent. The sad truth is that my ignorance to the matter is entirely my own fault.  My mom is a Kent State Alumni, and every time she would try to tell me this story, I always blew it off (I feel like the biggest jerk ever looking back on it now.) I am one that is entirely for standing up for what you believe in, and never backing down until it is brought into the light. So this story went straight to the heart. Then on top of that I lost two of my best friends in a murderous shooting two years ago. Their death was a tragedy and a loss to my entire hometown community. So this story really was a punch to my heart. I was thinking about asking Mark if I could be excused, but I knew that I wasn’t above the system, and now that I am a student of KSU its only right for me to know my schools history. When the movie described how all of the students felt, Allison’s body, and reactions to the shooting, I was a big sobbing mess. I know that my the death of my friends is not relevant to May fourth for others, but no one who has lost loved ones this way could be prepared to hear/watch one. The descriptions of terror, fear, and saying how that is one of the worst ways to go is just heart-wrenching. I honestly would like to go see this movie again because half of the information they presented went right over the head, because there was so much to be said about the events leading up to, and the day. I will never look at this school the same again. We are a strong, united, and compassionate school. I am proud to walk the same campus they once did.

The above images are famous images from the event. I do not own the rights to these photos.

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2 Responses to Fire in the Heartland

  1. Mark Schatz says:

    As painful and person as this story is, I’m glad you were able to connect with it in your own way, and maybe connect with your mother’s experience in a new way, too. Thank you for sharing this, Alyse.

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