Art Building Gallery Review

I think that the show in KSU’s Art building is a very interesting display. The display that really caught my attentions were the woodcuts mounted on canvas by Francine Kay Affourtit. She named this display Totem. I honestly would love to talk to her and ask her the meaning and inspirations for these pieces. I enjoy that each one has repeating elements that each one contains. There isn’t one piece without a element brought through in another. The one that intrigued me the most was a twisted deathly looking tree with demonic/dying hands at the end of the branches. Then behind the tree there is a hand with only the middle, pointer and thumb up. On that hand thee is a butterfly resting on the thumb, and a reptile resting on the pinky and ring finger. The hand continues to a wrist and arm. The arm has an archway in it with demonic figures. And then behind the entire composition is a blue shape to make your eye travel through it. I think that this piece is so intriguing because you don’t know how to feel when you look at it. At first glance it looks like humans and nature in harmony to me. Then when taking a second look it seems like it’s saying how oblivious humans are to the nature around them because the hands on the tree look like they have vengeance.Who knows I may be entirely off from what Francine Affourtit was going for, but this is just my loose interpretation. The art gallery was very interesting not just Affocurtit’s artwork. Another piece that spoke to me was a glowing face looking at a cellphone. This as done by Curlee Raven Holton. The name of this artwork is Sacred Text. To me it’s interesting to have such fine art done around a subject of new media and technology. It seems like a conundrum to me. I would recommend anyone to go check out this gallery at least once while it’s still up (I’ve gone over three times!) It’s well worth the time to go check out what other current artists are up to.




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2 Responses to Art Building Gallery Review

  1. tarynmcmahon says:

    Curlee (a KSU alum) is giving a talk in the Art Building on Fri Oct 11 at noon! Definitely come to that! Francine will be here on that day too, although she is not giving a talk. Veronia Ceci, a graduate student in the printmaking department here who is also in that show, is friends with Francine and told me that the motif you mention is Sicilian in origin. Great write up.

  2. Mark Schatz says:

    Nice details in your descriptions, Alyse.

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