Drawing Critique Four

Today we critiques two point perspective. The first thing I noticed was that our drawings as a whole are getting a lot better. There wasn’t one that stuck out like a sore thumb for not improving. Today a little group I was standing with started critiquing drawings even before the official critique began. I think that’s pretty cool, that means that we are all starting to get more comfortable with each other and understanding each others skills more. Another exciting thing is that we aren’t giving the same notes over and over and over…which means that we are taking these critiques and learning from hyphen as a class.
There were two drawings that really stood out to me. The first was a kitchen scene. The reason I think that it stood above the rest is because of the precise detail the artist added in. They didn’t leave anything out of the drawing, such as dishes on shelves. The one thing that kinda urked me about this drawing was that there was one door that didn’t look like it converged correctly..but that’s being pretty knit-picky. The other drawing that really excelled was of a doggy day care. Everything they drew converged correctly, the wood floor was scaled nicely as it went back into space, and everything was proportional. I think the only thing that could have helped this drawing would have been to not make the wallpaper so dark.
As a whole I think that we completed the homework assignments well for our skill levels.

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