Curlee Raven Holton

Lets talk about Curlee Raven Holton the Master Print-Maker and Master Painter . He studied at our own Kent State University to obtain his masters degree. I Posted a photo of one of his works earlier of the Sacred Text. He is a key element of the Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College.

“EPI has been passionately committed to advancing the printmaking process as dynamic and relevant art form for purposes of cultural and creative engagement. The inherent nature of the printmaking medium encourages a communal participation by artists and students alike. EPI uses traditional printmaking techniques in concert with experimental approaches as a means of expanding our visual language. This approach to image making offers us a perfect metaphor in a world of dynamic and diverse values and perspectives.”

—Curlee Raven Holton

He started his lecture by stating the importance of the audience, and sense of community. He then went on to say, ” Never claim your mother’s soup is the best soup until you try someone else’s.” This transitioned into explaining the EPI and  the importance of collaboration with other artists. Some of the artists he has worked with through EPI are Melvin Edwards, Sam Gilliam, Grace Hartigan, Robin Holder, Faith Riggold, William T. Williams. Some of the EPI’s work has even been exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum in New York! EPI doesn’t have preconceived ideas of what print making should be or limitations of mediums. They use etching, serigraph, woodcuts, lithography and many other mediums. Its commonly called the “Ink Think Tank”

He was a very inspirational  speaker for an art student. He brought up that you can’t just have a college degree anymore you also have to bring value to the table. And he reminded us that success is the investment in your choices. If you commit to something you have to see it through. It doesn’t matter if you are putting in double the hours as the person next to you, that extra effort brings a specific value to you as an artists. He then said that we have to choose what we commit to. We should choose to commit to things that help us to our goals and that we have a specific answer to why we are doing this. He claimed that his goals are to search for things that will uplift him and transform him. He wants to always achieve a higher level of consciousness through his works.

He was a very humble and talented artist. I am very appreciative for such an opportunity to listen to such an achieved artist inform and reveal some of his own personal experiences.

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