Drawing Midterm Critique

Lets be honest this midterm was a little horrifying. I think that most of us are sort of struggling to keep our grades up. In my opinion this midterm really showed who really cares about the grade, and who doesn’t as much. I really worked myself to the bone on this because I understand the importance of this weighted grade. Lets talk about how we are graded on participation and I’m pretty sure only 5 of us talked for the MIDTERM review. People it is in your best interest to put in your two cents! Okay now lets talk about meeting the criteria. I think that most of us met what was required of the assignment. The assignment was to use all of the element that we have learned, (besides shading) , draw an area in two point perspective that looks into a different room.

There were some artists that really seem to be improving, and I think that it is really evident. I think that I am part of this improving group..or at least I hope I am. The art that is now standing out are those pieces that are starting to use more interesting compositions. Adding in the view into another room really made each composition that followed that criteria improve its visual appeal. It seems that certain artists are still lacking in perspective only when it comes to specific things. There was one piece that everything was in correct perspective except for the floor and ceiling.. so I think that they understand the perspective, but maybe have a sighting issue. There was a very interesting piece that included open drawers, seeing into a hallway and then being able to see into another room on the other side of the hall. They then also added in a slouched portfolio leaning on the wall. First this piece worked because it really gave a nice depth, they used varying lines very nicely, and to top it all off the curvy portfolio was a nice contrast to all of the straight figures.

I was really nervous about what the class had to say about my midterm. This is mostly because the only feedback I get in my home environment is from my parents.. and of course that isn’t too helpful. I’m their little girl..I could scribble, call it a dog,  and they would be in awe. So I feel like the only reflection I will get about my grade before I actually get the work back is from students talking about it in class. It was mostly positive feedback this week, which was super exciting! The main thing that was pointed out was line variation.. but I really tried to use it..just shows that nothing helps more than practice.  I can’t wait to get my grade back. Fingers crossed.

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  1. kortneyniewierski says:

    This is a great post! It has QUALITY and not just quantity! It is definitely evident when students put work into an assignment and I can tell that you pushed yourself and put the work into your midterm drawing! Keep it up!

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