Lets talk about Laura Addis.

Laura Addis was my high school art teacher at Copley. She was the single person that inspired me in art. I really looked up to her even before I started her Art 2 class my senior year, but as I continued in her class all I found myself wanting to do was being in that room creating. I think that she actually taught us, graded fairly and was capable of positive feedback. I never even knew that I had potential at being a good artist until I was in her class. I’ve always been that student that is very proactive when it comes to asking questions about something I don’t understand. So naturally as we were doing any assignment, if I didn’t understand something, I would ask her. Not only would she tell me how to do it, she would SHOW ME. As the first semester continued she kept telling me about my improvement..which gave me hope because creating is something I really do enjoy. So when it came to schedule second semester my day only consisted of all art classes with Addis, and one music and one marketing class. I felt like she had faith in me, and that with practice I could really be good at something. So a quarter into second semester my relationship with her turned more into a friendship. I spent nearly 5 hours of everyday with her. She was just such a positive influence on everything I did. She critiqued and told me what needed to be improved but started to let me run. With this instruction I started to create the best work I have done. In the mornings she would make me coffee along with hers, and she knew when I just needed to get inspirations and could lead me to the perfect  source for that motivation. Towards the end of the semester she sat me down and said, ” Have you ever thought about being an art teacher? I think that you would be an absolutely incredible one.” I always enjoyed helping the students around me that were struggling a bit, but in no way was I expecting that! I politely thanked her for that stellar compliment and reminded her that I was going to pursue a business degree and open up my own coffee shoppe. Well 15minutes into being a business major I had an anxiety attack and switched on the spot to being an Art Ed major. Sending her that email telling her my new plans was one of the best feelings I have ever had. But to be honest her response was even better. She congratulated me (in all caps) and then told me that she still thinks that it’s an absolutely good choice. I still go back and visit her every so often. I really do think that her planting that seed in my head is the main reason why I am an Art Ed major now.  I am so thankful for the knowledge, feedback, and friendship she has given me. I wouldn’t be who I am today in my entirety without her.

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