Drawing Critique (CROSSHATCHING!)

So this week was the first week we were allowed to use value!!! No one butchered the value..but I think that w did get a little too excited so our drawing might have been a little below par. I think that personally my darks could have been a lot darker. A lot of students talked this week which was pretty exciting! I think the more feedback the better!

There was one drawing that included a dark high heel boot and some other objects. The boot was really don’t well. The entire thing wasn’t just one value but you could tell it was black. The value in that boot was don’t very well, but then it looked like the rest of the objects were done very speedily. There was another drawing with a pumpkin, shoe, mouthwash, and tomatoes. The shoe in this drawing I think was done really well. It looked a little stumpy for what size it was supposed to be, but the shading was accomplished well. The tomatoes that sat in the foreground looked like they had the least attention, but I think that over all the composition was very successful.
This week went pretty well! Next critique to come is portraits! Let’s do this! 🙂

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