So for our last part of our second project in 2D comp we worked on methodologies. We started by watching videos of different artists and their own methodologies. Afterwards we split into groups and we’re told to independently search artists, and create our own methodologies. My group was really inspired by Kara Walker and her very detailed silhouettes. My group came together and collaborated and came up with a pretty successful methodology; 1. Go take a walk 2. Take photos of your surroundings 3. Each artist takes the photos they took themselves and makes a silhouette renderings. 4. After all silhouettes are completed all artists come together and combine silhouettes into one composition. 5. Work with Gestalt Principles to create an interesting piece with depth. Feel free to layer your silhouettes.

I feel that this methodology will create many diverse compositions depending on where you are located. For our group we ended up doing all nature, but if you lived in an inner-city area this would more than likely differ. I think that my groups ending project was a very successful piece. Maybe I’ll try this methodology again in the future.


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