Creeping in the Name of Higher Education.

So I suppose its time to expand my horizons and look at some of my fellow classmates blogs. I think that looking at other classmates art and progression in classes is cool and all.. but I really do feel like I’m a creep ( Thanks Mark lol).  I am not just reviewing other students in my FYE class but also in my other art studio classes..So here it goes…

Blog Name: Nicole Johnson

Username: Nicole Johnson

When you first enter her blog you are welcomed with this awesome ‘Nicole’ banner. She really has seemed to make her blog her own space when you look at it as first impression. I really enjoy that she used her own back ground and banner, its much more personal. When you look at her blogs they all are show casing her art work from multiple classes.. most likely its assignment oriented but I think its really cool to see such recent work. Her posts aren’t just three sentence posts either, they really communicate with the reader her values and viewpoints. I really enjoyed visiting this blog.. any students that might need a little inspiration to start writing might want to visit it 🙂

Blog Name: Life Of An Art Student

Username: SoNancySays

This blog is adorable. Its brown with blue flowers as its background. Her blog of course her blog includes all of her art assignments…buy she adds in her own art posts too. She also added in an C’est Moi page. Here she expresses her love of drawing and cartooning here. Her goal is to work for Disney which is awesome. She even posted a picture of herself on her blog! Pretty adorable blog.

Blog Name: Memoffitt


This user has a very formal looking blog. I think that its really fitting for all of her digital work and photographs. It really displays the artwork nicely. The viewer can tell that the goal of the author is to display their work and make it pop on the page. The blog itself is a bit impersonal. You can’t find the authors name, nor any of their view points. I really enjoy when there is an available about me page because I like to see what might influence their work.

Blog Name: Artsy Stuff and Things

Username: thebrittles13

This user has a dark purple background with black mysterious lol. This user once again doesn’t have an About Me page, but just by the looks of her pages you can tell that she favors her 3D class by her photos and write ups. She has one post called Blue Modules.. that I really find to be visually intriguing, maybe its something that you should look at. I really think that this artist has a very clean looking, but personalized blog by her back ground color.

Blog Name: 72teng’s Blog

Username: 72teng

So this user has a very basic but interesting and hasn’t changed his tag line..but thats okay. It looks like this person is only blogging for their 2D class. I enjoy their art that they have posted.. You should really check out About Art Mission of Life its a very interesting post. I really think that this blog should post some of their original work too! I’m really interested.

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