Art Building Gallery

So I went to the art gallery opening yesterday, and the theme was abstract art. It’s a bit of a harder subject to write up on, but one piece that really caught my eye was called Azure Lake by James Juszczyk. James used color theory to give the illusion of transparency. His composition consists of 5 rectangles. The base rectangle is a light blue on a dark blue background. On top of that light blue rectangle are three lines of rectangles.. The top life consists of two equally sized rectangles that hang off the sides of the base rectangle. Where they overlap James used a yellow color, and where they hung off the sides he used a saturated periwinkle color. The bottom two lines are one long rectangle each and hang off the sides to match up with the first lines. Where the bottom two rectangles overlap with the base rectangle it’s the same yellow as the first line..but when these ones fall off its a much less saturated periwinkle. I think the use of an odd number of subject matters is very interesting, and then out of those 5 shapes, he arranged them to so that the viewer focuses on the three over lapping lines. His use of continuation and similarity was intriguing to me. The art gallery was very interesting as a whole though! Any art student should be taking advantage of this awesome resource we have right at our front door.

Here are just some other compositions that were in the gallery as well..





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