Portrait Critique Review

OK.. so our assignment last week  in drawing was to draw a portrait of somebodies head in Planar Analysis. Lets first talk about the struggles that I think the entire class had with this assignment. There only seemed to be a select few people who truly understood what planar analysis should be/look like. When we first posted the artworks up, the entire class cringed at the idea that we were going to talk about all of them. Naturally no one wanted to talk, so I started the group off by talking about in my opinion the most successful drawing in the class. His face was was of a man, and seemed very mathematical. I have no idea how the artist got the idea so obviously well when the rest of the class struggled so much. I think what made his successful was that he really took interest in making everything was sighted and measured correctly. Everything seemed to be in proper proportion and in correct placement. Kudos to him for standing above the rest. There were a few other successful drawing that were mentioned in class, but I believe that we only ended up talking about four of them. Kortney could most likely feel all of our souls dying just looking at our struggles, and so we all just took them down from the critique, and started class. I think that this weeks critique was really horrifying. On Tuesday we are turning in Completed Self Portraits, and I’m even more horrified for that… Best wishes to everyone on these two assignments.

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