Self Portrait Critique

Let’s start with how self portraits are scary for me. However, I think that critique was pretty impressive with the turn out. I really could tell who was who for the most part.. And let’s be honest that is a giant improvement from where we started from. I think that we are starting to finally understand that the human face isn’t exactly symmetrical. Our eyes are not the same shape, our noses may not be perfect, maybe our smile is even crooked..but I think that these little details are the most important parts to portraying a specific person. What defies us from other people are our little imperfections. So I think that when we finally just took a step back to sight and measure these imperfections our turn out was much more successful than the planar analysis from the week before. I was really scared about posting mine, but when I saw that I could tell myself from other self portraits from specific features I felt much more secure. I think a big thing that the class is struggling with is being afraid of going too dark. It was very common to see a lot of these assignments done very lightly, so that when you squint it nearly disappears. I think overall the class improved tremendously when it comes to drawing faces!

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