Fruit Charcoal Drawing

Today we critiqued our assignment of drawing fruit in charcoal. I think that our class for the most part has the charcoal thing down. We all seem to at least have a basic understanding of how it works. The issue was that we have encountered an issue with creating a pleasing composition, and not having our subject matter float in the the middle of nowhere. It’s surprising that we came across this problem today, because we conquered that a while ago. I think just because we were given the challenge of trying a new medium, a lot of people forgot the basic principles we started with. Don’t get me wrong though, I could tell that each drawing was of fruit. I think that those who took advantage of the looseness of charcoal had much more successful outcomes. I think that using a subtractive method for this assignment overall had a better outcome as well. I think this was so because the shading was much smoother, which gave the fruit and cloth a much more realistic look. One drawing that really stood out was one that had the fruit on the corner of a desk, and had everything in correct perspective. The only thing that I could complain about that artwork would be that it had two verticals that weren’t perfect, but in that composition it didn’t throw much off. Overall I think this week went averagely.. I wonder how next week will go when we have the choice of our medium.

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