I am an Artist.. I am Vegan.. Any Correlation?

Inspiration is something crutial that is commonly taken for granted. My 2D comp professor asked us to write a blog post about something we are interested in that may not be directly correlated with art. Then write about if it affects your art, and  if other artists that may be into the same thing you are and are inspired by it also. So naturally I’m sitting there thinking to myself..what the heck… I’m not into really anything besides topics that are generally already considered art such as music or theater. So I’m thinking what could possibly make me unique from other artists? What could inspire me without me even realizing it. Sitting there probably over thinking an assignment that isn’t supposed to be too difficult I worked myself up to being completely famished.. (because apperently using brain power is something that makes me hungry), and I then realized how unique my food choices are. How being a gluten-free, vegan isn’t a common eating style.

Eating this way takes a lot of dedication, self-control, passion, and motivation to be successful. Hmm now lets think about what it takes to be an artist.. seeing any correlations yet? Then on top of that I am not just restricting my food choices, just for poops and giggles…no, I’m in it for the animal rights. I am passively standing up for what I believe in. Wait, stop right there.. standing up for a cause with my food choices? Hmmm standing up for/bringing attention to a cause doesn’t sound like something that art could do..ERRRR wrong. There are artists who ENTIRELY base their works to stand up  for or to bring attention to something! Lets just make a list of activist artists.

  1. EVE MOSHER –She is an artist who makes public interactive works that bring light to the climate crisis.UnknownEVE MOSHER’S WEBSITE
  2. DREAD SCOTT–He is a communist activist who creates something ‘inflammatory’ and watches the ‘fire spread’. I can’t say I agree with his views, but I cannot deny that he is activist artist.WhatFlagVGA1-473x600DREAD SCOTT’S WEBSITE
  3. REBECCA BRAY and BRITTA RILEY–These two women work together to show viewers the problems with factory farming, and environmental issues.imagesREBECCA AND BRITTA’S WEBSITE.
  4. BILLIE GRACE LYNN–She is a food activist artist who is most known for her Mad Cow Motorcycles.madcowBILLIE GRACE LYNN’S WEBSITE

So look at this. I am not alone. I am not the only artist that stands up for what I believe in, or shines a light on something I believe is wrong. I am FAR from it. There are so many artists that are ENTIRELY inspired by their beliefs. So maybe not my food choices, but the reason WHY I eat the way I do.. could actually help me become a more inspired and inspiring artist at the end of the day.


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1 Response to I am an Artist.. I am Vegan.. Any Correlation?

  1. What a great post! I love your writing style girlfriend. In addition to being an artist, a cool vegan artist at that, you’re also a great writer! Anyway, I’ve posted guest posts from two vegan artists on my blog. You may have seen them, but if not here’s the links if you’re interested (there’s 4 because one of the artists wrote something very long that I broke into 3 parts):
    Celeste 🙂

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