Reflective Objects Critique

Today’s critique was a bit interesting compared to most.. Maybe it was because it was a break in between drawing a nude..but it seemed like a lot more people were talkative today! There were a lot of laughs, but at the same time it was a bit vicious. I think that we did pretty well with there’ve time objects themselves but somehow messed up everything else. He lost a lot of sighting, measuring, correct converging lines, and just straight up putting in a background. There was a drawing of an awesome pair of aviators, but the background entirely took away from there entire drawing. There was another drawing of perfume bottles and a shot glass, and all of the tines eve drawn really well, but then they didn’t converge the lines of their floor, lined up all the objects, and didn’t create a completed background. It seems like we are understanding new concepts, but forgetting everything that we have learned so far. I was pretty proud of my drawing this week. It was a tea kettle spoon and bottle. I think that my success overall was by learning to use subtraction method for my advantage. It was so easy to give the objects I was drawing the exact reflections I saw because the value as already there, I just had to take away these brightest areas. This weeks drawings weren’t the most successful overall.. Maybe next weeks will go better.

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