2D Final: Animal Rights

I needed to come up with some ideas for my final project for 2d comp that is based off of animal rights.. so here it goes.

My first idea was to split a human and monkey face and morph them together. The human face would start off healthy, but very average and the monkey would start healthy and happy. as the photos progressed I would have the woman’s face get more and more make-up and become more seemingly beautiful, while the money becomes sicker and sicker until it looks deathly. This would shine a light onto animal testing.

Another idea that I had was to cup out stencils of animal prints, and make compositions with human hands stamped over this animal print to create positive and negative space.

A third inspiration I had was a quote from da Vinci saying “My body will not be a tomb for other creatures” I think that this could become a very powerful composition if executed correctly, but I’m not sure exactly how I would take that piece on yet.

My last Idea is taking a photo of a cow with its ear tagged and doing an impressionistic painting of it, bringing attention to the tag. I would be content with that idea alone, or even taking that composition and putting it on a plate with a fork next to it.

I think that there are many ways to shine a light onto animal rights, but I would prefer to not make it too graphic for this assignment. I think that that element limits me, but maybe one of these compositional ideas will work, or morph into something that eventually does. 🙂

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