Masters Self Portrait Drawing Critique

This critique was a bit different than usual. We didn’t get through all of the work which is a bit strange. I think that these would have been cool if we hung up our master’s piece next to our own art work. Knowing what the look should have been I think really would have inspired more chitchat. I think that this critique went pretty well in general  though.. I think that once we all found out who inspired what drawing it clicked for all of us.

My piece was challenging for me.  I was inspired from Durer which was a very low lit artwork. Wherefore subtraction was obviously the easiest way for me to go. i think that I made my eyes a bit too large, and that my cheeks may have been a bit too pointy. But in the end I really think that you could tell that it was supposed to be me. I was accepting of the outcome. Well that was it! That was the last homework critique.. up next is final critique!!

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