Dear Past Self…

Remember that first day of classes when all the art professors gave you a list of art supplies you needed for the semester? Do Not.. I repeat..DO NOT go out and buy them all at the same time. They will not make you use even half of them.  All of your professors this semester will tell you a week in advanced what you will need for classes. By the way.. you don’t need the largest portfolio Hobby Lobby sells until the end of the semester.. feel free to buy a smaller one for the entire rest of the semester. OH! and when the semester first starts, don’t be offended when people give you strange looks while you carry around your portfolio.. just use it as a fashion statement and go on with life. I guess some people at Kent State don’t know what an art portfolio is.. but thats okay.. just don’t be self conscious about it.. its fine.

There is going to be a day where you want to wear yoga pants.. Just don’t. When you do you will never ever want to wear nice clothes again. Its a trap, I promise you.. keep on wearing those cute clothes..

Just be yourself. No need to impress anyone.. trust me, you’ll find wonderful friends when you just be yourself.

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1 Response to Dear Past Self…

  1. nancydance13 says:

    The yoga pants part made me laugh!

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