So art school has been fine and dandy and all.. but to me I don’t feel like I’ve been allowed to be an artist yet. What I’ve really been missing is being able to use fun mediums. I want to paint. I want to use acrylic, and oil and water and inks. I want to learn new mediums and new techniques. I want to try printmaking,

I am so ready to have the opportunity to let my art take flight. I really want the opportunity to have my peers look at my work and oooo and ahhhh at it. And I want the opportunity to look at their artwork and be inspired!! I want to have a critique where everyone is just as enthusiastic as me, and we all have a list of things that we would like to say about each artwork. I can’t wait to have art works that I’m excited to document in the photo lab, and show off to my family and friends..

I’m ready for art school to let me shine.

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