Head Hunting

So my assignment was to find someone with my “dream job” that I wish to have in the next 10-20 years. Personally I think that the term “dream job” is just an oxymoron.. I really don’t have one. I plan on having my job as only a part of my life as a whole. It is something to bring in money, but it will not define me. So naturally I turned to my high school art teacher because that is what I am studying to be for many reasons. I do not plan on living in ohio, so I know that interviewing her is a little off for this assignment, but on the contrary I don’t know where I want to end up yet. So Laura Addis is an art teacher at Copely. They switch up her classes that she teaches every so often, but she mainly teaches Art 2&3, painting and AP Art. She also has a full family outside of her career, which is something that I really want to have as well. A bonus to being a teacher is having summers off, but what good would that be without a family of my own to share it with? She just got a dog this year too, I’m totally jealous.. the pup is such a cutie. She is a high school teacher as well, which is hopefully what I want to do. She warned me though that even though they may be close to being adults, kids still don’t always clean up after themselves. So I shouldn’t think I’m dodging that bullet. I really didn’t even think of that though.. The nice thing about teaching highschoolers is that one they understand an assignment given to them, they can run with it on their own. That to me is a really nice idea, to be able to teach a skill, and watch kids work through it.

All in all, she really does enjoy her job, and thought it was a great career path for me ( which was pretty encouraging, not going to lie.) I hope that by the time I am a teacher I will still have such a strong passion for art as Laura does, and that these foundation classes don’t end up detouring me.

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