Exit Through The Gift Shop Summary

Lets talk about Therriey Guetta. This documentary is pretty much all about this freethinker. He was just an average joe that picked up a video camera, and fell in love with it. He even compared it to a drug problem…yeah this guy is a nut. His adventures started when he came across a guy that made space invader mosaics, and pasted them around town. This introduced Therriey to the world of street art. Here he was surprisingly welcomed by the street artists to videotape him because of their knowledge about how temporary their street art is. He started videoing this guy Shepard Fairey…saying how he was going to make a documentary. Little did Fairey know that Guetta was just filming and putting all the tapes into a box, and not ever looking at them again. We all may know works of Shepard Fairey as the big brand of Obey. Anyways.. Guetta got his eye caught on the works of a street artist known a Bansky. Bansky was theoretically impossible to get a hold of, but somehow Fairey got him the hook-up. Bansky agreed to let Theirrey video him as long as he only got his hands, and it was only filmed from the back. Eventually when these street artists demanded for the film that Guetta had been promising, the result was less than satisfactory. This is when Bansky told Guetta that maybe he should try street art himself..because of Guetta’s respect for Bansky..he took this as a direct order. GUETTA TOOK IT OUT OF CONTROL. He bought himself a full fledge art studio, and a old CBS building and named himself Mr. BrainWash. He put together a full buildings worth of art by himself and named the show, Life Is beautiful. This ended up being a giant success..in his original gallery dates he sold nearly one million dollars worth of art, and over 4,000 people showed!! This is incredible by an amateur artist. His gallery ended up staying open for two months..

What this documentary taught me is that anyone with money and a lot of drive can be an artist… It kinda tiffed me off to be honest..
The End 🙂

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