First 3D Comp Assignment

SHOULDER PADS! My 3D comp class was split into four groups of four to make a composition with left over shoulder pads from the fashion department. My group all got together, and we started working independently to come up with some ideas. When we all started sharing our ideas my first thought was, ‘Crap, how are we going to combine all of our ideas?’ I think we all were kind of thinking the same thing. We final came up with an idea that we all at least agreed on, which was making a pyramid from dark to light fabric and making a ring around the bottom, and adding fluff to it. Once the actual gluing part started is when I realized how hard group work really is. We all were talking about the same thing, but apparently our mental picture was entirely different. We all started placing and gluing things that we all didn’t seem to agree on. All in all we came up with a composition that was very A-symmetrical, and bazaar looking. I wasn’t completely happy with the final outcome, but practice will make perfect!


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