Paper module critique

Today we critiqued our paper module sculptures that we have displayed in the Art Building’s Lobby. There were a number of ideas that I took away from it. The first one being that playing with complimentary colors can really add a lot to a piece. I also took away that one can create closure by making similar shape and sized objects and placing them close together in relation. But to achieve this one has to make sure they are perfecty aligned. I think I got some pretty good feed back on my own two personal sculptures. They pointed out that using black and white vvs. all natural for my other piece was a strong choice. They enjoyed my use of proximity in my organic hanging sculpture, while my black and white one they enjoyed the use of continuity. Mark pointed out that it was interesting how different the pieces turned out because I used to very simple ways to combine my modules, but they both turned out so differently. It was really rewarding to hear my classmates thoughts and opinions, not just on my sculptures. At some points students in the class would say, “It didn’t turn out the way I wanted to, and so I didn’t know what to do.” And then the entire class would jump in and rattle off some more ideas to take the sculpture in different directions. Such as hanging it, or adding here or there, changing the base of the sculpture, changing the color or size of the module.

All in all critique went well, I’m excited to see everyone’s replicated sculptures on Tuesday!

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