Building an Environment in a Group

Lets talk about group work in art. It is NOT easy. The biggest struggle I had with it was understanding that my ideas are not always the best, nor the ones that will be used. I am so used to being the dictator of my own art. The beautiful thing that my group did was that the first day we set exactly what elements needed to be built. We then each made stencils out of cardboard to copy, and took the stencils home with us. When we all split up to work we were all creating the exact same things. When we all came together to set up the environment all of our pieces actually fit together and didn’t feel different artistic styles clashing with each other. When it came to picking different places to create out environment my group and I had different views. I still to this day think our environment would have been better created in the area that we originally picked, but in a group democracy rules. I learned a lot from working in such a large group, but now I know that my ideas as well as others ideas are equally valid and need to be treated as such.

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