Photo Lab Lessons

There are some major differences in shooting 3D work Compared to 2D. The main difference I found was lighting. With 2D work the most important aspect of lighting is keeping it even and consistent. While shooting 3D you want the lighting to act as a vehicle to your piece. I struggled with making the light source be interesting vs. it being too dark. While talking to Mark about it I found that with my next photo lab I need to lighten up all of my compositions. I Think another interesting aspect of shooting 3D work is that you can shoot from ANY angle. You have have trash propping it up in the back, and as long as it isn’t in the photo, it doesn’t exist. I really enjoyed that aspect of the shooting. It is so compelling to me the magic of catching whats in the screen is all that exists to the viewer. I struggled with my first 3D shooting, but I hope to Improve as the class progresses.

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