5 Generative Strategies

  1. Throw a party! Everyone just bring one empty container of a food or drink product. Everyone must take 100+ mg of caffeine and take turns attaching their pieces to one main sculpture. The disruption part is that there is no way to predict the exact objects that people bring or where each person will place them. The caffeine will add to the excitement and pit everyone on a similar energy level to create. The generative part is everyone coming together to make one object.
  2. Go rock shopping. Pick as many or as little rocks as you want to.. go home.. put all of the rocks in a towel.. SMASH THEM WITH A HAMMER. Assemble them back together by using quick drying resin while blindfolded using spatulas. The disruptive part is having no say in how the resin dries, and not being able to see the combination of rocks.
  3. Go thrift store and buy the first sofa you see. Invite over a small group of people and ask them to bring a variety of pillows, cloth, stuffing and dyes. All at once and all together apply ALL of your items to that one piece of furniture. The disruptive part of this is the lack of control on what is used and how the outcome looks like because its done all at once.
  4. Go thrifting and pick any items (5 or more) that add up to $20… Go find a willing volunteer and blindfold them. They must glue the objects together (you can assist them so they don’t burn themselves with hot glue). This is generative because the gluing of the objects together creates one mass sculpture. The disruptive part is that your volunteer doesn’t know what the objects are and are blindfolded to combine them.
  5. Go thrifting and buy all of the breakable dishes possible. SMASH THEM ALL… and use all the pieces to re-create dishes.. ask a group of friends to assemble all of the new dishes into a new sculpture. The disruptive parts is you have no control on how the dishes break or how your friends assemble them. The generative part is recreating the plates and having them re-assembled into one collaborative piece
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  1. Mark Schatz says:

    Esp. with me being sick and trapped in meetings, I need a nice juicy Work-In-Progress post to see how this is coming together. PIcs and thoughtful commentary, like this:
    Thanks, Alyse

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