3D Strategies Critique

For my 3D strategies I took my friend to the thrift store and limited her to the technology section. She had a $20 limit and picked out a television and a scale. We took these objects and smashed them with a hammer. From both fixtures I got three pieces of the scale that didn’t entirely create a safety hazard. I then covered these three pieces in fish-net panty hose. The reason I picked panty hose to cover them with is because both the television and scale are very superficial objects for a teen girl to pick out. The fish-nets are just another material that girls use to cover their body to make them feel more attractive. I then took the covered pieces and spray painted them onto canvas board. I then used these silhouettes as my subjects for blind wire contours. I made two blind contours out of wire for each spray painting. I criss-crossed the wires, and then covered those with the same panty hose to create wall fixtures. From these fixtures I “tied” it all back together by stringing glass pieces from each of the original thrift shop items. When I presented my work I displayed all parts of the project. So I had all three parts of the scale covered in panty hose, the spray painted canvases and the final outcomes. The feel back that I received today was stellar. They said that all of the parts were interesting, but displaying them all together was a very strong choice. Many students told me that it looked professional, and one even said that she thought it looked like part of a senior show. My professor, Mark, told me that using both 3D and 2D aspects while presenting was a very visually interesting choice. He also told me that it was a good choice to follow through with so many parts of the scale because it makes the viewer let go of associations that could have been made. All in all I think that this critique went incredibly. While critiquing others work I also learned a few things that may help in the future. First I learned to add things that are formally different. Such as instead of covering water bottles with a trash bag, try something that people rarely see with water bottles, such as silk. I also caught that when using found objects, try to set a standard for yourself such as all color coordinated to make a more completed piece. And last, but not least, the closer an object is to familiar the weirder it can become when tweaked. Such as if you distinguish something as your mom and then make her have alien feature, its far creepier than a normal alien.

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13 Responses to 3D Strategies Critique

  1. kotamichael says:

    Very very very very very cool. Extremely interesting to look at and i could see the senior show aspect of it! The game is humorous. You would not guess that that is smashed up tv and scale parts. Love the outcome!!!

  2. I really liked your project, the shapes are interesting and the texture in the panty hole made it even more interesting, good choice. I didn’t understand where’s the television, but I suppose I should see the pieces in person to get it. The fact that you used mainly black made it more professional too, since this is not a happy and lively color.

  3. maeveoshea says:

    I thought that all parts of your project were really interesting to look at, but the spray painted boards and pantyhose covered wire were both really really fascinating! Your work was very well thought out

  4. I thought your pieces felt very cohesive, and the steps of how your strategies evolved was clear to me, but not necessary. The wall pieces were my favorite, and they really do have that figural element to them that gives that sense of the human body. Very inventive and extremely well executed. Well done!-MCD

  5. cknepper says:

    You had an extremely well developed and thorough project. Each step was visible to the viewer but each peace stood on their own exceptionally well. I was especially drawn to the 2d piece. The colors worked well together and were installed in a reasonable and well-lit space. I enjoyed this project more than most.

  6. Hi. I really like your presentation, each peice is so unique in its own and they all go together so well. The game you played was interesting, but it wasn’t too apparent in your display. This is not bad, its cool to see what you came up with from your game. You did a really good job in interpreting the game and the final peices look so nicely put together.

  7. swatter1 says:

    My two favorite pieces from this game were the wire and fish-nets and then the canvas paintings. They look like something a graduate students would create. Yet if you only had one of each, it wouldn’t feel complete. As said during critique, they could stand alone and you could have three separate pieces. The paintings give the illusion that something is in front of the light and yet when you go to look at the light, nothing is there. It looks very professional. Great job!

  8. askadelea says:

    I find your work very interesting. I wish that I could have been there as you were explaining, I feel that I would be able to really understand your process better. I like the symbolism that you attached to the objects.

  9. I can’t say it enough how much I love all of the steps in your project and its final result. I really appreciate that your piece still had a deeper meaning behind it instead of just being the result of random processes. It’s beautiful, and I would hold onto it for, ya know, future assignments 🙂

  10. hladrick says:

    Your final piece is really beautiful and I love the metallic colors mixed with the black pantyhose. I don’t think there’s anything you should have done differently to make it any better. All three components of the piece are strong and could stand on their own.

  11. erikacrocker says:

    your game was probably the weirdest one ive heard of so far…and I mean that in the best way possible. I would have never thought to do what you did. when reading of your game, I was honestly expecting the final project to look a little messy and confusing. I could not have been more wrong. your final project looks great!!!

  12. cole2me says:

    Your process was very unique and intresting. I like your idea to use the fishnets throughout your work. Looking and the pictures you posted I feel that this has a theme or darkness. I would love to see the details and everything in person.

  13. danbeacon says:

    i think this was a great idea, everything you have is equally unique, I know you wanted to keep the first pieces around girls and stuff, so i would put titles around the pieces. Everything looks great though

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