Concept Ideas

So I have a few ideas for the concepts project,

I was thinking of making a 2D artwork in a grid. In each piece of the grid I would write about, or draw about each person in my class. On the day of the project I will have each person try to pick up their piece of cake and see what people think of themselves.

Next I was thinking about crocheting a scarf and every hour or so I would crochet another  row with the color of my emotion. I could do the same with a blanket.

The next idea is to record my dreams for two weeks and try to find objects that represent them and put them all together for a final sculpture. (I think that this is my least favorite)

My last idea is to record my emotions every hour or so and at the end of each week until the project dye my dog the symbolic colors that I have felt. For the final I would bring my dog into class, and it would be about taking your emotions out on your animal and animal abuse.




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6 Responses to Concept Ideas

  1. I feel strongest about your first two ideas. I’m a little biased with the crochet one, but I think it could still be really interesting. I saw once on a blog someone who had various shades of blue, white, and gray yarn and knit a row every day matching what the sky looked like outside. I think your color choices would make or break the final piece. But the performance part of the first one would be sooo interesting! I would love to see how our classmates react when they picked the wrong person!!

    • alysehanna says:

      I really like the first idea but at the same time there are no indexical marks.
      And with the second one I love the idea of the Sky!! But the colors would be a problem. And on top of that everyone has seen a crocheted blanket or scarf before..

  2. Is the final project supposed to use all four elements of performance art?

  3. alysehanna says:

    I thought it needed to touch on them?? Not sure though

  4. alysehanna says:

    So I was thinking about your comment on the sky blanket..and I think the reason I really liked that so much is because blue is my favorite color. So I went out today and bought all different shades of blue yarn and have each one attached to an emotion or state of mind. I think that I am also doing to attach little slips of paper to each color explaining why I felt that way. Its going to be like a diary in a blanket form .

  5. Mark Schatz says:

    Interesting ideas but needing some focus.
    1. I’m confused about this one. It starts with drawings, then there is cake, and then we learn what people think of themselves? Help me put these pieces together.
    2. Ok. The time aspect provides structure, but color and emotion are associated in lots of very different ways. In some cultures white means “death”, in others “weddings”, or it could be interpreted as blank, empty, nothing, or all colors mixed together and therefor “everything” or maybe it is just neutral, or the cheapest yarn, or whatever you had laying around. Assuming the audience will “read” color as code is shaky. I’m also rarely feeling a single emotion. Would “joy” accurately describe how you felt for hours/days? Or would that be a powerful work for us in the end? How can you add complexity to this portrait?
    3. Dreams can be interesting. Finding objects to record them is more about illustration/representation than it is about realness. Those objects wouldn’t have gone through anything themselves that had anything to do with the dream or with you. They have their own histories. If you slept with a different object every night and then gave us the object along with some representation of the dreams that you may have had that night then we are more directly connected to your dreaming and to the object.
    4. This is really interesting but there is a fine line between the project being “about” animal abuse or “about” turning animals into projections of ourselves and actually doing those things. You want to be careful about how you navigate the difference.

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