3D Comp Final Research

So I went to the library and picked out three different books to support my 3D comp final. For my final I am crocheting a blanket of my emotions at the time of crocheting. This is representative of vulnerabilities. With my crocheted blanket I am practicing Tarot Cards, gypsy rituals, and maybe even Ouija on. The books that I checked out of the library are A Book of Sorcerers and Spells by Manning-Sanders, Persuasions of the Witch’s Craft by T.M. Luhrmann, and Popular Beliefs and Superstitions from Utah by Anthon Cannon. These books after skimming did not prove to have any valuable information that I can really use for this project. Therefore I found someone who actually traveled with gypsies for a year. He picked up many spiritual rituals, as well as spells and curses. He is practiced in Tarot and was very valuable to providing information for this project. On top of that I have researched online more about Tarot, and have personally written a six and a half page essay explaining the basics of Tarot Cards. Research is a very important part to fully understanding the art I am trying to convey.

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