Final Work In Progress

For my final I am crocheting my emotions into a blanket. I am really focusing on the self searching of self. With each stitch I create I am crocheting the emotions I feel in the act of crocheting. I decided to limit myself to ten values of blue, because blue is my favorite color as well as being able to portray emotions in a comprehendible way. As I create my blanket I am practicing rituals and tarot cards on it and with it, as well as bringing it everywhere with me. When I am going to present it I am going to actually bring in a table and ritual items that I used, as well as the blanket to place it all on. Image

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3 Responses to Final Work In Progress

  1. hladrick says:

    The ritual idea is really powerful and you’ve definitely made a lot of progress with the crocheting. How you present it will definitely make it transform into more than just a blanket and into what you want it to convey.

  2. Cool idea. I like how you. Chose one color scheme to represent your emotions. Will you create a list of what thoughts of feelings each one represents so people can get a better idea of What your emotions were? I like the idea of how your going to present it and I think the fact that your using the blanket for the rituals will give it some loaded meanings that will add to the overall idea.

  3. cknepper says:

    I like the ritual idea. Sounds like you are getting into some voodoo stuff. The crocheting is impressive, you must have an incredible amount of patience.

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