Presentation Plans

For my presentation of my final I plan to bring in many items along with my blanket. I am planning to bring in a table, with all of the ritual items I have used. I plan to spread my blanket on the table with the other objects laying on it. I am choosing to do this because it is not an average use for a blanket, making it a subject for thought. This also shows the past and ways I used the blanket.

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4 Responses to Presentation Plans

  1. i am interested to see your rituals and how your items all go together.

  2. kotamichael says:

    Where is the concepts wip blog?

  3. askadelea says:

    I only get some of the idea, but I think putting the past on the blanket sounds promising.

  4. I really like how you’re incorporating the blanket into the environment instead of just making it a tapestry. It’s going to look great! Maybe consider blogging about what each color represents so we have an idea of what you were feeling.

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