Strategies Work In Progress!


Uh-oh! I never actually submitted this post!


My strategies as an outcome was when, ” I took my friend to the thrift store and limited her to the technology section. She had a $20 limit and picked out a television and a scale. We took these objects and smashed them with a hammer. From both fixtures I got three pieces of the scale that didn’t entirely create a safety hazard. I then covered these three pieces in fish-net panty hose. The reason I picked panty hose to cover them with is because both the television and scale are very superficial objects for a teen girl to pick out. The fish-nets are just another material that girls use to cover their body to make them feel more attractive. I then took the covered pieces and spray painted them onto canvas board. I then used these silhouettes as my subjects for blind wire contours. I made two blind contours out of wire for each spray painting. I criss-crossed the wires, and then covered those with the same panty hose to create wall fixtures. From these fixtures I “tied” it all back together by stringing glass pieces from each of the original thrift shop items.” As I stated in my previous blog post about it. 


Lets talk about how I got there. I began starting this strategy by taking my friend to the thrift store and having her spend that $20. I then thought I was going to take rocks and have then growing out of the t.v. and scale. I quickly realized that this was not a developed idea that followed the guidelines. I also at this point found out about the requirement of fabric. I then changed to making two wire contour outlines of the broken materials and covering the wires in panty hose, and hanging it above the solid project. This also did not seem as developed as I wanted it to be. I then finally came to the outcome that I stuck with, which is stated above. I think that this process of developing my Strategies was very important to come up with a successful final project.  Attached are photos of the contour wire covering process,and figuring out which way they should be displayed.



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