Drawing 2? Challenge Accepted.

So lets talk about my strengths and weaknesses in drawing. My strength in drawing is that I am motivated to do the best that I possibly can. Well thats my pro. Lets talk about my cons. I’m not the best at measuring..I can sight decently.. but I suppose that isn’t too relevant if all the objects are in the wrong place and the wrong size! I struggle with values. I really struggle with all my mid-tones being the same. Its difficult for me to not erase my work too because I like to try something, and try again, and try again.. and do that 500 times until I find what I was looking for. 

I don’t consider myself to be strong at drawing in the very least. But I do think that I am able to achieve my goals, and I am going to work my very hardest to produce A worthy work. This class is going to be a huge challenge to me, but Challenge Accepted. 

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