Drawing 2, Critique 1

So yesterday we had our first critique in Drawing 2.. I Think that it went decently. I think that more class participation is really needed. I really enjoy hearing what people have to say about my work, as well as others. I am honestly really disappointed about what was said about my work. I was rally proud about my work when I walked in the room because I thought I used line variation, and texture well. All in all I thought I completed the assignment successfully. When It was talked about all that was talked about was the perspective. And now looking at it I completely see what was said, but I was sad that no element that I put effort into was talked about. I did learn from it though, so I guess that is what matters the most!! There was one persons assignment that stood out to me the most. They included a teddy bear that had wonderful varied lines, as well a strongly executed texture. All in all I think we all learned something from the critique, so I think it was successful!

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