Drawing 3 critique

Critique on one point perspective was a little rough on me. I thought that before I went in that everything I worked on looked good. But in critique it was brought to my attention that everything looked a little out of perspective( which is really bad for a perspective homework!!), but then when investigated more it was because I placed my horizon line a little high. I find that I draw more realistic, and in better perspective without a horizon line, which probably means that I need to practice even more with even just placing my horizon line. In this critique there were some people that I think did very well with their assignment. The other person who attempted a dining room table I think accomplished it very well. The only thing about their drawing that really lost me was the bottoms of their chairs. Another drawing that I thought was successful was a hallway that you could see into two different rooms through. Although my drawing wasn’t as successful as I hoped, over all the class seemed like they did well with this assignment.

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