Drawing assignment 4 critique

This critique was a little slow paced. I felt like very little people actually spoke. When I put hours of work into a piece I want to hear what people have to say about it! Not just one or two people! I think my feedback was pretty positive this week though which is very exciting. I was told though that I should add in more detail to my piece which I do take to heart. I guess I am just working so hard to just get the back bones of the objective correct, that I guess that’s where the majority of my time goes. This week I really focused on putting my horizon line if a better position. Last week I was told that my drawing was a bit out of perspective because I placed my
Horizon line high. So I put extra attention to make sure my perspective assignment was actually in perspective! Not only did I think that my assignment was successful this week, but I think the entire class as a whole was fairly successful. We seemed to all push ourselves a bit more than we have in the past to produce a body of higher quality drawings. Let’s hope midterm goes this well!

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