Midterm Progress Drawing 2

Lets talk about how I’m doing in drawing two so far.. *Smashes head against wall repeatedly* …..

Okay lets try this again.. Let me start with I love Art. I love the progress, and triumphs, and personal growing that encompasses art itself. With this in mind I love Drawing. I love learning concepts to make certain 2D work incredible. To learn the steps to drawing realism. I really think that I have personally come a very far way this semester. I think that I have learned to draw incredibly faster, and more effectively put space in between my objects. I think that as an artist I have made a leap with in this first half of the semester alone.

I think that my personal progress with grades and redoes is at a loss though. Throughout this semester I have received lets say some below average grades, and I think that I have let myself down a bit by not doing redoes. I am 100% striving for the A for the semester, and I really think that I can achieve this by just pushing a bit more. I think that that even by spending a bit more time on little details could make my drawings pop. I really whole-heartedly struggle with details no matter what medium I am working with. I think that if I could improve this aspect, I could improve ALL of my drawings.

I think that I am making some good progress, which I am thankful for considering I have put endless hours into my drawings. I think that with focusing on more details, and if I happen to get a bad grade, try to redo it.  I am hopeful for the next half of the semester.. I hope I can pull through with the A!!

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