Midterm Critique


So first off I want to say Hallelujah to being done with my Drawing midterm. Next I want to comment that it seemed like for the most part we took our time on this assignment. I am not going to lie, there were some that looked a bit rushed, or unfinished but no one got ripped apart today. I think that there were a few strong ones that I really want to talk about. The first one is one that was drawn from the stairs looking down onto a living room. This one to me was outstanding because of the details put into the work. Not only that but the well don’t sighting and measuring of the light source, making it seem like the sun was glaring through the window was really well done. The next is a room with black stairs. I think that this artwork really popped was because of the array of value used. There were light lights, and dark darks, and all the values in-between. There was a container of sand that was placed in the front left side, and the sighting of this I think was done incredibly. They varied they’re line enough to give that look of sugar mounds, which is not easily obtained. Another work I want to talk about is one that had a very detailed dragon. I just want to say that I absolutely loved the detailing and attention that this person paid to the dragon. I just wished that they would have pushed their darks, because the entire piece was very light.

All together, I think there were a few things that the entire class needs to pull out of this critique. First is to PUSH THE DARKS. I think for the most park we all could have made out drawings pop more with darker darks. Next is to BUMP UP DETAIL. The ones that seemed to lack were the ones that didn’t push the details in their objects. And I of all people know how hard it is to put in details. I must say that this midterm might be the most detailed drawing I have ever made that wasn’t from a picture. Last but not least, SHADING NEEDS TO BE STRATEGICALLY PLACED. The drawing does not need to be 100% shaded in. Place your values in areas that are going to enhance your work, not make it visually chaos.

All in all, good job guys! We made it through Midterms, with a pretty ice collection of detailed works!!

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