Drawing 2 assignment 6

This assignment was to draw an object in three different different lightings, and to draw a 8 -step value scale. I think that this critique was a little flat, but that was because of the subject matter. I think for the most part you could tell that were was time and effort put into the drawings, but they still felt like an exercise. There was one however that really stood out to me and that was a leaf. To me I think that because of the tougher subject matter it really stood out. It had nice highlights and dark touches, to make it pop. The shadows really made it work too because they were clearly sighted and measured. I think that what this drawing could have used to improve would have been to not smudge the value with their finger. This give the value a very dirty look that doesn’t have control. On the other hand lets talk about my drawing. I did a creamer container. I really struggled with this because although it seems like a very basic shape, there were many things that needed attention to not make it a very flat object. The part that was the hardest for me was the cap of it. I literally had to redo each of the caps at least 10 times before I settled. Although my drawings were not perfect, I think I did well with using the full value scale. Usually I like to favor everything to be too light, or everything too dark, but I think I did well with this assignment!

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