Critique of assignment 7

This critique I think had some weak and strong points. First let’s talk about some art that I think worked really well. There was a piece that ha a stuffed shark, and a coffee cup on a table. They showed the table itself and background of a window with a sheet draped from it. This I think was a super strong drawing because of the massive amount of the surrounding we could see. If it was just a close up of the table it might have lost it’s luster, but because it was zoomed out there was a great sense of space. On the bottom left hand side of this drawing there were very well sighted shadows that also added depth to this drawing. The next piece I want to talk about is the piece with the castle and bananas. I think that this piece was super interesting, and made the viewer think about that they were looking at. I think that this drawing could have been improved by using the entire space of the paper. what I think was the strongest aspect of this piece was how the entire castle was in perspective, and everything looked to be sitting. This critique as usual, I would have liked to hear more peoples voices, but I think that we all used charcoal and conte quite effectively for this collection of homework.

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