Drawing 2 Self Portrait Narrative

I think that there were many pieces presented during this critique that were really successful. I had a few favorites from the group. The first was of Ashley. I think that hers was really successful because she pushed her darks. Her facial features seems properly placed, and she pushed her darks. She created many textures that were very readable, and were placed throughout the entire piece. The only negative part of this piece was that her eyes were slightly large. Another piece that I loved was Tinah’s. I think that her style was incredible, and her head and body were entirely in proportion. Her hoodie really popped because of all of the sighting she did for the wrinkles. Her hair really popped too because she  added in highlights to make it more realistic. Critique was a bit brutal, and I disagree with the style that it was conducted. Because I am in art education courses, and I am studying ways of critique, I strongly believe in starting with a positive, talking about the negatives, and always ending on a positive note. I really struggled with this assignment, but only getting negative feedback was really harsh. I am glad that others had a good critique, and I hope that I can improve on portraits for the future.

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