Full size charcoal drawing

So this week we did a drawing of ourselves full size. I chose to do mine in charcoal because of how fluid the medium is. I think this assignment was difficult because of the limitation of looking in a mirror. The mirrors that I own are smaller than me, but I can see my full body in them. This s a limitation because you are blowing up the size, making proportions much more difficult. This was also difficult because having adequate lighting that doesn’t glare in the mirror. I was really glad that I chose charcoal as my medium because any other medium would not have shown up so easily. This was also a good choice because with such a large scale drawing it was the quickest medium to build up. I think that I personally struggled with the face.. No big surprise, but none the less I did not leave myself faceless ( which I used to do!) all in all I think that my project was fairly successful, especially for how difficult I as expecting it to be. The most successful part in my opinion was my shirt/ torso. Maybe in the future I will attempt another full scale drawing šŸ™‚

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