Drawing assignment 4 critique

This critique was a little slow paced. I felt like very little people actually spoke. When I put hours of work into a piece I want to hear what people have to say about it! Not just one or two people! I think my feedback was pretty positive this week though which is very exciting. I was told though that I should add in more detail to my piece which I do take to heart. I guess I am just working so hard to just get the back bones of the objective correct, that I guess that’s where the majority of my time goes. This week I really focused on putting my horizon line if a better position. Last week I was told that my drawing was a bit out of perspective because I placed my
Horizon line high. So I put extra attention to make sure my perspective assignment was actually in perspective! Not only did I think that my assignment was successful this week, but I think the entire class as a whole was fairly successful. We seemed to all push ourselves a bit more than we have in the past to produce a body of higher quality drawings. Let’s hope midterm goes this well!

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Drawing 3 critique

Critique on one point perspective was a little rough on me. I thought that before I went in that everything I worked on looked good. But in critique it was brought to my attention that everything looked a little out of perspective( which is really bad for a perspective homework!!), but then when investigated more it was because I placed my horizon line a little high. I find that I draw more realistic, and in better perspective without a horizon line, which probably means that I need to practice even more with even just placing my horizon line. In this critique there were some people that I think did very well with their assignment. The other person who attempted a dining room table I think accomplished it very well. The only thing about their drawing that really lost me was the bottoms of their chairs. Another drawing that I thought was successful was a hallway that you could see into two different rooms through. Although my drawing wasn’t as successful as I hoped, over all the class seemed like they did well with this assignment.

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Drawin 2 crit 2

This week I think was a major improvement for all of us! When I saw all of our drawings up there I was pretty proud of these class in total. Some pieces that stood out to me was one that rendered a plush Mickey Mouse. I loved the plush! The only thing that stuck out to me was a bit of a perception problem on the shoes on the floor. Another piece that stood out to me was one that had tiki heads and spray bottles. I love out perfectly executed the spray bottles seemed to be. They had line variation, and the perspective was right on! The only critique I have about that particular drawing was that one of the spay bottles blended into the tiki behind it. All in all I think this was a strong week!

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Drawing 2, Critique 1

So yesterday we had our first critique in Drawing 2.. I Think that it went decently. I think that more class participation is really needed. I really enjoy hearing what people have to say about my work, as well as others. I am honestly really disappointed about what was said about my work. I was rally proud about my work when I walked in the room because I thought I used line variation, and texture well. All in all I thought I completed the assignment successfully. When It was talked about all that was talked about was the perspective. And now looking at it I completely see what was said, but I was sad that no element that I put effort into was talked about. I did learn from it though, so I guess that is what matters the most!! There was one persons assignment that stood out to me the most. They included a teddy bear that had wonderful varied lines, as well a strongly executed texture. All in all I think we all learned something from the critique, so I think it was successful!

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Drawing 2? Challenge Accepted.

So lets talk about my strengths and weaknesses in drawing. My strength in drawing is that I am motivated to do the best that I possibly can. Well thats my pro. Lets talk about my cons. I’m not the best at measuring..I can sight decently.. but I suppose that isn’t too relevant if all the objects are in the wrong place and the wrong size! I struggle with values. I really struggle with all my mid-tones being the same. Its difficult for me to not erase my work too because I like to try something, and try again, and try again.. and do that 500 times until I find what I was looking for. 

I don’t consider myself to be strong at drawing in the very least. But I do think that I am able to achieve my goals, and I am going to work my very hardest to produce A worthy work. This class is going to be a huge challenge to me, but Challenge Accepted. 

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Presentation Plans

For my presentation of my final I plan to bring in many items along with my blanket. I am planning to bring in a table, with all of the ritual items I have used. I plan to spread my blanket on the table with the other objects laying on it. I am choosing to do this because it is not an average use for a blanket, making it a subject for thought. This also shows the past and ways I used the blanket.

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Strategies Work In Progress!


Uh-oh! I never actually submitted this post!


My strategies as an outcome was when, ” I took my friend to the thrift store and limited her to the technology section. She had a $20 limit and picked out a television and a scale. We took these objects and smashed them with a hammer. From both fixtures I got three pieces of the scale that didn’t entirely create a safety hazard. I then covered these three pieces in fish-net panty hose. The reason I picked panty hose to cover them with is because both the television and scale are very superficial objects for a teen girl to pick out. The fish-nets are just another material that girls use to cover their body to make them feel more attractive. I then took the covered pieces and spray painted them onto canvas board. I then used these silhouettes as my subjects for blind wire contours. I made two blind contours out of wire for each spray painting. I criss-crossed the wires, and then covered those with the same panty hose to create wall fixtures. From these fixtures I “tied” it all back together by stringing glass pieces from each of the original thrift shop items.” As I stated in my previous blog post about it. 


Lets talk about how I got there. I began starting this strategy by taking my friend to the thrift store and having her spend that $20. I then thought I was going to take rocks and have then growing out of the t.v. and scale. I quickly realized that this was not a developed idea that followed the guidelines. I also at this point found out about the requirement of fabric. I then changed to making two wire contour outlines of the broken materials and covering the wires in panty hose, and hanging it above the solid project. This also did not seem as developed as I wanted it to be. I then finally came to the outcome that I stuck with, which is stated above. I think that this process of developing my Strategies was very important to come up with a successful final project.  Attached are photos of the contour wire covering process,and figuring out which way they should be displayed.



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